Random Winchester Photos and Scans

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Scan of an article on the Ithaca 72
Scanned by Hagler over at the Leverguns Forum


The information should apply to the Ithaca 
72, the Erma Eg 73, the Iver-Johnson Wagonmaster, and the Henry H001-series 


Winchester - Blue Owl - 32 Spl Advert - posted on eBay

Scan of the manual that came with Vic's Winchester 94 Carbine made in 1961.
Scanned by Vic Parker over at the Leverguns Forum

What I need to know is what is it's length and width unfolded? That way I can print it to the original size.


original size is 7" wide unfolded and is 7 3/8" in length(or heighth).

Modernizing The Winchester 94 - from American Rifleman - January 1949
Scanned by Ben Rumson over at the Leverguns Forum

110 gr. SuperSpeed circa 1930

This is from w30wfc over at the Leverguns forum:
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That box is from the 1930-1937 time period. The 110 gr. Superspeed was introduced in 1925. I have looked, but have not yet found, a Superspeed cartridge box from 1925-1929. They were Green in color ....and scarce.

Browning B-92 Manuals

Ruger New Model Single Six - Bisley - Hunter Single Action Revolver Manual